Nikki J. Owen
Keynote Speaker &
Founder of the Healing Hub

Thank you for visiting my site. I wanted to share my background to help you decide whether you are interested in booking me for an event or are simply curious. 

The journey to the woman I am today was not an easy and conventional path. 

In my late teens, I was facing life in prison at the Old Bailey but was sensationally released when PMS was used as a mitigating factor that resulted in a historic landmark case on 22nd December 1978. 

I believe that everything we endure gives us the opportunity to experience a better version of ourselves. This is what happened to me. From my teenage trauma that shocked the world, I learned how to heal myself emotionally and live a life full of meaning.

Over the past three decades, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals delivering conference keynotes and using my performance breakthrough techniques to reduce stress and transform how people feel. The inspiration for my groundbreaking methods has been shaped by quantum mechanics, neuroscience and cellular biology. I believe that one of my biggest strengths is the ability to communicate complex subjects simply.

For a period of 5 years (2008 – 2012), I delivered corporate masterclasses at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre when I was able to evaluate, test and measure the impact of my techniques and processes. This period became the launch pad for my speaking career that earned me several awards and glowing testimonials.

I created The Big Apple Experiment to demonstrate with apples the impact that emotions have on the chemistry of the body, something that has been featured regularly in the media since 2010. I have been Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group, an Executive Faculty for Henley Business School’s Advanced Management Programme and a TV coach for Sky Bio Channel (From Kitchen Sink to Catwalk).

One of my career highlights happened when I was invited by an international broadcaster to share my views on the first UK live debate between the 3 political leaders. I have a growing reputation for my sensory awareness and strong intuitive insights.

In 2020 I committed to building The Healing Hub Community that features the most powerful techniques I have created and successfully used over the years. This means that I can reach thousands more people who are struggling with day-to-day challenges. My greatest wish is for humanity to realise that when you are no longer burdened by stress, anxiety and overwhelm then every individual can live their best life.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you or your organisation, please get in touch. 


To book Nikki, please contact Jane de Vos

“If you ever have the opportunity to book Nikki, grab it with both hands, you’ll thank me afterwards.”
Simon Lester
CEO at Citihome
“ Nikki is the most authentic person, her back story is fascinating, and her techniques work!”
Angel Conley
Head of Learning & Development, Baringa Partners
“A revelation. Nikki delivered a compelling mix of eye-opening new thinking, emotional energy and intellectual gravitas. Excellent!"
Bob Mackenzie
Founder, Benchmark for Business