Sometimes it takes a devastating experience to show us what’s important. My ‘moment’ happened in my late teens when I experienced a trauma that shocked the world. (See Wikipedia for more info)

This inspired a lifelong fascination with understanding more about mental health, stress, and mindset.

Over three decades, I’ve worked with thousands of business leaders and individuals from different walks of life. My cutting-edge techniques, blended from quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and cellular biology are described as life changing.

My career highlights have shaped who I am and how I work with clients and individuals:

  • Creator of The Big Apple Experiment
  • Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group
  • Executive Faculty for Henley Business School’s Advanced Management Programme
  • TV coach for Sky Bio Channel (From Kitchen Sink to Catwalk series).
  • Political commentator on political presence for Al Jazeera English – first UK live televised debate (Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg)
  • Founder of The Healing Hub Community App and developer of Breathing Space & Sleep Journeys
  • TikTok Influencer to support 18 – 24-year-olds overcome mental health issues
  • Author of 4 books including international bestseller:
    • Nicola, A Second Chance to Live
    • Charismatic to the Core – A fresh approach to authentic leadership
    • Legally High
    • Beat Stress & Live Your Best Life
    • Multi-award winning speaker – international

I have a brilliant support team of fresh talent who are aligned with my passion to help and serve others.  Like me they care deeply about the mental health issues facing humanity. We are committed to showing people how easy it is to change how they feel.

We champion an inclusive culture of honesty, agility, innovation, and bravery. We pride ourselves on our courage to stretch the thinking of organisations who chose to work with us, and we care deeply about our members, subscribers, corporate clients, and our peers.


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“If you ever have the opportunity to book Nikki, grab it with both hands, you’ll thank me afterwards.”
Simon Lester
CEO at Citihome
“ Nikki is the most authentic person, her back story is fascinating, and her techniques work!”
Angel Conley
Head of Learning & Development, Baringa Partners
“A revelation. Nikki delivered a compelling mix of eye-opening new thinking, emotional energy and intellectual gravitas. Excellent!"
Bob Mackenzie
Founder, Benchmark for Business