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An intense and powerful journey that reconnects you to who you really are inside.

A unique and powerful one-to-one programme with Nikki Owen, award winning expert in energy, personal presence and charisma.

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Charismatic to the Core

Are you charismatic enough to be a successful leader?

Nikki Owen strips away the unwanted layers
and takes you back to your authentic self.

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12 month audio programme

Works simultaneously with your conscious and unconscious minds to naturally develop your authentic charisma

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How will Nikki and her charisma blueprint benefit:

Me as an Individual? My Organisation


You were the best speaker I have experienced in 13 years of chairing and indeed further back to my two years as a member 20 years ago. The members, who are not known for their generosity rated you with the highest marks ever for CEO Group 6.

David Adams, Vistage International (UK)

I can’t tell you how dumbstruck I was, and how accurate you were with your evaluation of me this afternoon. I still can’t really get my head round how you could detect those detailed emotional traits from the first few seconds of seeing me.

Ed Salt, Managing Director Delamare Dairy

Truly life transforming. You have really helped me to make a significant and permanent positive difference.

Warwick Taylor, CEO W Taylor Group Ltd

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