transforming lives for 3 decades

Nikki J. Owen creates a rapid change in mindset, performance and wellbeing and has worked with thousands of individuals over 3 decades using her signature fusion of tools.

Nikki is a multi-award-winning speaker and author of 4 books. She is also the founder of The Healing Hub, a community app that contains powerful resources that use neuroscience-inspired technology to transform how you feel quickly.

“Nikki’s got a wonderful way of weaving science with emotion. She blew the members of my group away with her techniques, with her ability to actually read their energy and to change their energy. They all scored her 10 out of 10, and that is the first and last time the group has ever scored a speaker 10 out of 10 universally.”
Neil Wilkie
Vistage Chair for 10 Years
"I have well and truly found my genuinely authentic self and it feels amazing."
Aileen Cowler
Mother, L&D Professional
"You overdelivered! You kept the whole audience engaged - that's an achievement!"
Fedde Wielenga
Commercial Sales Manager NL, Shell

A powerful journey that liberates you from emotional pain. The stressors of day to day life can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re struggling with a bereavement or divorce. You maybe feeling that life is deeply unsatisfying, disappointing and dull but you can’t figure out what’s wrong. It takes courage to open yourself up to feeling vulnerable. But by taking an exposing look at who you are can you free yourself from sadness, fear, anger and other self-sabotaging thoughts.


Powerful tools and techniques available on The Healing Hub app. 

– Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm

– Sleep better

– Heal yourself

– Join the community

Inspired by the effects of placebo and nocebo. This experiment demonstrates the impact of mindset on behaviour and your immune system. Your thoughts and intentions are projected into your physical reality. Negative thinking creates more  negativity and positive thinking is the absolute key to creating more of what is wanted in all aspects of life.

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