Why Being Like Onions Stops Us From Connecting

Who are you and why are you here? Have you noticed that bad things happen to good people? Senseless violence, cruelty, freaks of Nature and turbulent times makes it hard for us to understand the meaning of it all. Are we being punished in some way? Are we not good enough to experience a happy and fulfilling life? Are we victims of the Universe who tosses us like flotsam into the stream of where we do not want to go. Sometimes it all gets a bit too much and ask ourselves “What’s really going on here? Why am I really here? What’s the point of life if I can’t enjoy it?”

Quantum physics has helped us to realise that at a subatomic level we are all packets of pulsating particles. We communicate based on our own unique vibrational frequency. The highest, purest most divine frequency is that of Source energy. This can be called ‘Oneness’, God, the Collective Consciousness, The Universe. You and I are part of the Source. It’s a bit like comparing the ocean with a drop of the ocean. The drop of the ocean still has all the components of the ocean. This highest aspect of our Self, this drop of Source energy is our soul, our spirit. We are spiritual beings living a physical existence.

Because the vibrational frequency of Source energy is so high, our human state is transmitting on a different vibrational frequency. Our very humanness stops us from being connected to source energy. There are many layers to our humanness:

Conscious Choice: our conscious mind obscures who we truly are. What we perceive consciously is a tiny fraction of what is really going on ‘out there’. Because we delete, distort and generalise information to function, the conscious mind perceives self as separate to everything and everyone else.

Being Human: Within us all is a hidden layer of negativity and denial, known in psychology (Carl Jung) as the Shadow self. Being human exposes us to immorality and self-gratification. The seven deadly sins are there to create a conceptualised system to operationalise our spiritual shortcomings.  It is at this layer that our ego operates. Ego constantly compares itself to others because it seeks differentiation to re-affirm its identity.

Learned Beliefs: The walls that we erect to protect ourselves, the self- limiting beliefs that we cling to, the values that we spend our lives trying to live up to, and the self-sabotaging behaviours that hold us back from achieving our dreams, are held within our unconscious mind. These beliefs will either enable or disable our ability to think and act in a resourceful way.

Modelling: The programming of a child’s unconscious mind primarily occurs during the first six years of their life. The child is born with the function to recognise the faces of its mother and father and their instinctual pattern is to look and observe their parents to learn about their environment. This means that as children we learn fundamental habits not from our own personal experiences, but from observing and downloading the habits and experiences that our parents demonstrate.

Birth Trauma: The vast majority of psychiatrists and psychologists today, do not accept that we can remember or are affected by the trauma we experienced at birth. This doesn’t make sense to the conscious mind. This dogma has been the chief obstacle to progress in understanding the prime importance of early trauma. Compelling evidence now shows that children who have had traumatic births are more likely to be anxious or aggressive than their easy-birth counterparts. Of course, genetics and many other factors come into the equation too, but, if all else was equal, the child who was traumatised at birth would be more vulnerable to psychological problems. Separation from the mother at birth, as well as the mother’s own post-trauma stress response, can affect the early bonding between the mother and child, which is another major factor in the child’s psychological development.

Genealogy: It’s an established fact that emotional trauma in childhood has been linked to developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME in later life. But what if in fact you are suffering emotional trauma and you inherited the trauma from your parent, or as in the case of holocaust survivors, from your grandparents? Humans have a physical body and also an energy body. This energy body contains energy and information which actually ‘speaks’ to our DNA and has great influence over our emotional/mental and physical bodies and therefore our well-being. When you come into the world, you bring in a kind of ancestral lineage which is made up of inherited DNA and information from your family’s energy field.

Past Lives: We are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. As spiritual beings we live many, many lives, using different physical bodies each time. When our bodies die, as spiritual essence still exists. Every thought we have is somewhere in the ether. Imagine that our bodies are like a television. All the time the television is working it has the potential to tune into Source energy based on the channel or frequency selected. When a television breaks does the signal die with it? Or can Sky Sports 1 still be picked up on a new different TV when it is properly tuned in to the correct signal, or frequency? When our body dies, we live on… and at some level we imprint the ability to receive our frequency on the new embryonic TV, and we are born again. This may be an explanation that whilst consciously we may reject any notion of past lives, our unconscious mind may find it easier to accept that if we exist beyond our physical bodies, the concept of past lives can make sense.

The noise of living a physical existence means that we become distracted from our eternal soul that is at its very core, love. The more we seek to quieten the monkey chatter and listen to what is going on inside then the better equipped we become to listen to the whispers from the highest aspect of who we are.

In this crazy world it’s time to stop battling with ourselves and each other. When we connect with the love that lives within our core, we create the potential to raise the vibrational welfare of everything that exists. Death is not a scary end state.  It is the beginning of another chapter in the adventure of our eternal quest – to realise that we are magnificent beings full of unconditional love.