What’s really important?

The white doves outside my windows delighted in the sound of silence that reverberated around the room. Four of my gorgeous girlfriends had joined me for a day of meditation, free movement dancing and tree hugging. Not a typical Saturday but one that just felt more magical as each hour created a growing sense of connection to Nature, the earth and to the softness of feminine energy.

There is a wonderful nurturing quality inherent within female energy that causes me to reflect inwards as I traverse the rocky terrain of my physical existence. Every single one of my female friends causes me such joy. I am truly blessed to know such wonderful women who are all doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

Sometimes I get caught up in the harsh metallic world of consumerism, corporatism and the need to achieve and accomplish. This masculine energy dominates my life and I lose my femininity as the warrior in me battles onwards. There are times when multi-tasking induces a trance of ‘going through the motions’, especially when my duties require some level of operational expertise. Last week having experienced ‘clients turning up unexpectedly and clients not turning up at all’ I decided to press the pause button, grab my bike and head for the great outdoors. There is something wonderfully naughty and liberating about playing hooky from work!

The sun was shining and the sound of cuckoos resounded around the gnarled and twisted trees within the woodland copse. Tired bluebells were starting to lay down their browning beauty having expended all their energy to herald the spring. As I cycled along this magical off road track my mind was captivated by the natural beauty of our planet. Some trees have born witness to thousands of years played out under the elements. Fields have adapted and evolved into vistas of rich green grass where new born lambs play with wanton delight under the warmth of a benign sun.

What’s really important?

It is so easy to become seduced by the jobs, the responsibilities, the duties that we believe we should perform. Many of us live with conditioned programmes that we learned in childhood that prevent us from considering whether we are thinking and acting in a way that supports or sabotages our happiness. We become adept at ‘people pleasing’ believing that the more we please others, the more they will love and respect us. We become polished at putting on a brave face to the world, masterfully good at hiding how we really feel inside. We learn to stifle the screams of rage that torment us at night and say what we think others want us to say, rather than what we feel within our heart.

We live life most of the time in a state of unconsciousness. We become preoccupied by events from our past that still hold the power to create ripples of emotion in our present moment. Our life is a process that is continually changing with every hour that goes past. Our experiences define who we are now. Our reactions to our experiences influence our choices. Our past, whether we like it or not is held within our life forever. Just like an artist who builds up a canvas with layers of different colours, even though you can’t see those initial colours they are encapsulated forever within that painting. We can’t ignore our past because it lives within us. What causes pain is when we judge or condemn experiences that we deem as out of step with the perfect life we desire.

Sometimes we cannot see that our soul, the highest aspect of who we truly are, is giving us the wonderful opportunity to grow, develop and evolve. But because this is not apparent to the critical ego mind we experience life as disappointing, flawed and hard work.

We live most of our life fast asleep in a conditioned and pre-programmed state that disconnects us from the truth of who we really are inside. We have the magnificent potential to manifest and create all that we desire. When we listen to the calling of our heart we become better equipped to live life in flow. When we pause the repetitive programme that loops through our unconscious and unenlightened state, we create the opportunity to step into our light. Listening to our heart, breathing into the consciousness of our soul and allowing the beauty of Nature to revivify the cells in our body means that we can wake up from the illusion of a life half lived.

Wake up to the stunning beauty that surrounds you now. Wake up to the truth that love is more powerful than any other emotion you choose to experience. Wake up to the energy of your ancestors who crafted their lives so that you can live in freedom. Wake up to what is really important to you in this moment because ‘this moment’ is all that you have.

There comes a point in all of our lives when we arrive at the last cycle of this human adventure and are offered the opportunity to surrender the reins of control and ambition. We then have the time to pursue freedom from convention, freedom from what we feel we should or ought to do. We learn finally how to escape the routines that suffocate our spontaneity.

Why do we have to wait so long before we embrace emotional, physical and spiritual liberation?

Why can’t we just live each precious moment as if it was a special gift?

We are always on our way to where we want to be. So why don’t we just arrive at that place now and allow the intoxicating pleasure of living to permeate our skin and hug every pulsating particle within our body?

In your own life, are you living in alignment with what’s really important to you in this moment?

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