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The Rotten Apple Syndrome

One morning I remember noticing a rotten apple in my fruit bowl and that same evening I was astonished by the speed that this apple had ‘infected’ the other pieces of fruit. At work the impact of a disengaged employee spreads contamination faster than a positive and engaged employee can spread inspiration and collaboration. The frequencies of negative and positive emotions are so different that they create a destructive force field (destructive interference) that employees will be consciously and unconsciously receiving. As more and more organisations teach their leaders, talent and high potentials to become more ‘Emotionally Intelligent’, these people become more sensitive to the emotions and energy of others. When people feel understood they are more likely to open themselves up to engaging with the organisation’s values. This is why good leaders, Charismatic Leaders operate simultaneously from their heart and mind.

Every employee is a unique individual. You can’t expect an individual to be unaffected by their environment in every context. Sometimes the noise of ordinary living, blocks the labyrinth in our minds so we feel lost in a maze with many twists, turns and exit points that confuse our thinking, and overwhelms our ability to see the good things in life. As we struggle to manage the many facets of our life we may become acutely aware of the misery and conflict around the world as ‘instant news’ hastens more human disaster into our conscious awareness. Whilst I know consciously, that how we filter information determines our perception of our reality, the flow and volume of information that streams into our unconscious mind will take its toll. Despite years of working on myself and thousands of pounds invested in my own personal development I do still find that certain things, certain relationships have the power to cause me huge internal misery and conflict as I fight to restore my inner peace. How can I make sense of a vulnerable little boy being brutally murdered by his mother? How can I begin to understand the terrible death toll of a train crash carrying people on their way to visit one of the most sacred places in Spain? How can I get through to one of my closest friends who is drinking herself into an early grave, believing that she is one of life’s victims and her life has been a sad one?  Just being human puts us in the centre of our life’s experience. Sometimes we have wonderful experiences and at times life can really suck. Therefore, it is impossible to expect an organisation to attain a hundred percent engagement consistently (unless they work at a very superficial level in terms of how they measure it). People are affected by factors outside of work as well as within work. Yet their emotional state will distort their perceptions of what is good and what is not so good. Like the apple, if a person is accessing any negative emotion they are creating damage to their core self and others. The only way forward for the enlightened organisation is to equip employees with energy tools, techniques and processes that teach individuals how to choose and control their emotional states.


The Big Apple Experiment


Be amazed by the impact of Emotional Contagion. Your mood has a huge impact on the culture of your organisation. Your mood affects everyone in your family.

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