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A customised and powerful one-to-one programme with me, Nikki Owen, guaranteed to transform your thinking, positively change the way you feel, increase your energy and improve your physical and emotional well-being. This stunningly different approach enables you to achieve more of the results you desire in every aspect of your life. You’ll feel happier, healthier and more ‘you’. Issues from your past that may still be haunting your life will be released so that you feel energised and at peace that what you have gone through in your life has defined who you are today.

“Working with Nikki has been a truly life enhancing experience for me. She has helped me explore key issues to unlock my potential and given me another lense to explore my world through which emotionally I have made big leaps forward.”
Amanda Jones FCIPD HR Director National Express  

Why you need to do this

During the first six years of your life you download many of your programmes that you are still running, albeit unconsciously, as an adult. In your early years as your brain was forming you operated in a hypnogogic state. You were very suggestible and had no way of evaluating whether what you were downloading was good or bad for us.

“Nikki is an inspiration. She inspires others to achieve great things.”
Collette Stone, Strategic Lead for Leadership & Engagement, Home Office

In your past you will have experienced situations that were painful, difficult and traumatic. These types of situations are actually the way we grow, evolve, learn and develop. If you’ve buried rather than released these old negative emotions they are stored within your system. You start to build an internal toxic mountain. Sometimes situations in your present can trigger these negative emotions and the reptilian part of your brain responds as if it is responding to a danger experience. As cortisol is released into your body, your cells  switch into a survival mechanism and this can cause shallow breathing. You may find that your response to a situation is completely out of proportion and you either over-react or close down. You struggle to be yourself and this erodes your energy and undermines your confidence.

To create sustainable change in the way you feel it’s important to work simultaneously with both your conscious and unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind’s prime directive is to protect you and to keep you safe. It knows the root cause of your distress. If you have kept the lid on your emotions then your system becomes an intense pressure cooker that has the propensity to explode at any moment.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that my whole life changed that day.
I became a happier person.”
Chris Bellamy, Managing Director, First Found


Indicators of high levels of buried negative emotions include:

  • Anxiety – particularly at night.
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of control. 
  • Low energy and a sense that you are ‘running on empty’.
  • Perception that other people are judgement and critical.
  • Not feeling good enough.
“I have never experienced anything like it. I have found my authentic self and it feels amazing.” Aileen Cowler L & D Specialist NFU Mutual
Using a combination of tools and techniques I work with your unconscious mind to identify and release old traumas. This process enables you to communicate  with and then support your younger self. This changed perception educates and informs your sense of Self and creates a compelling exciting vision of your future.

During our sessions you will experience that:

  • Unconscious limiting beliefs formed in childhood are removed.
  • Negative emotions stored within your body are released.
  • New and empowering perceptions inform and help you in the present.
  • Difficult relationships become easier and more comfortable.
  • Self-sabotaging behaviours are neutralised.
  • Stuck and stagnant thought patterns are stimulated to increase your energy.
  • You feel lighter, calmer and more ‘you’.

“The most memorable and developmental session I have ever participated in.”
Evan Perkins, Global Learning & Talent Manager, Gazprom Marketing & Trading

“Nikki was able to help me at a deep fundamental level to overcome a number of deep rooted limiting beliefs that I had been carrying around with me for most of my life. I had tried numerous Psychotherapy Consultants in the past which only ever seemed to provide a temporary fix. The sessions I have had with Nikki really got in there and unearthed the core issues that were affecting both the quality of my life as well as limiting me in my potential. Both sessions were extremely exhausting but they were worth it. The results began to manifest after a few days and now having had the second session which pulled out deeper rooted stuff, I can honestly say it has been truly life transforming. Thank you so much Nikki, you have really helped me to make a significant permanent positive difference to my life which is being noticed by the people around me too.”

Warwick Taylor CEO at WTaylor Group Ltd

What do I do now?

Because of the deep and powerful way that I work it is important that we schedule a call so we can check whether my approach is aligned with you and that you are ready for this depth of personal transformation.

To learn more about the range of services offered by Nikki Owen contact Rebecca Robson at The London Speaker Bureau:
Telephone: +44 (0) 7855 943518

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