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Breakthrough Intensive – the ultimate programme for reconnecting you to the best version of You!

“Helped me overcome fears and put to rest the troubles I had been carrying around for many years. Finally, I could start living my life again! The noticeable changes and major impact this amazing lady had still echoes in my everyday life.” Kylie Rea  

Nikki’s powerful breakthrough process has evolved during her extensive work with over 2500 individuals. Sometimes when you try to resolve the perceived issue that you want to let go, you make the assumption that the issue is yours, based on who you are right now. Often, the presenting issue is a vibration of help that is being sent by your younger self who is trapped in a trauma – that trauma is often totally unconscious. Nikki blends energy work with enlisting the active support from your unconscious mind. Nikki blends energy work with enlisting the active support from your unconscious mind. By tuning into the vibration of your ‘problem or issue’, she is guided by your unconscious mind to locate the memory. You enter this memory as the adult you are today and equip your younger self with resources so that you can release the unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs formed at that age. This allows all aspects of who you are to integrate into the best version of you.


What’s included:

  • 7 hours of face-to-face time with Nikki J Owen
  • Quantum self-directed body releasing
  • Integration session to accelerate realignment process
  • Chakra clearing using acoustic resonance
  • Gentle vagus nerve stimulation to boost immune system
  • 3 hours of post programme online support
  • Evaluation metrics before and after


What do I do now?

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