Breakthrough Live with Nikki J. Owen – Available monthly within The Healing Hub

The truth about life is that with every passing year we acquire a variety of self-sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs and emotional baggage based on our past experiences. It’s human nature to try to suppress anything negative, so our body becomes a dumping ground for the stuff that we haven’t properly dealt with and therefore released.

As time goes by, we experience a build-up of stress and anxiety, our body feels tight, tense and we find our ability to cope with seemingly small tasks gets gradually harder.

You are not alone.

For the past three decades I’ve blended different therapeutic techniques into a blended group breakthrough session that will neutralise, release, and heal aspects of you that stop you from feeling at your best.

What happens in the Breakthrough Live session?

 These sessions are delivered through a Zoom webinar which means no cameras. You have a choice to interact and ask questions in the chat. I don’t record these sessions because they work best live and in the moment. 

Initial set up 

  • Any negative emotions that arise during and after the session are healing and releasing. This is a positive indication that you’ve cleared some stuff that no longer serves you.
  • Crying, yawning, congestion, mild nausea, shaking, and an urge to pee indicate that your body has let go of old negative emotions. These are normal experiences.
  • The prime directive of your subconscious mind is to protect and keep you safe. Your subconscious mind will continually look out for you, so trust yourself. 
  • Each breakthrough session will feel different because you are a unique individual with your own set of mental afflictions and unhelpful behaviour patterns.
  • You’ll be working simultaneously with both your conscious and subconscious mind to optimise and integrate positive changes. This means you may experience time distortion, watering eyes and a heightened awareness of your senses.
  • You can share experiences and ask questions at the session’s end or via the Premium Lounge in The Healing Hub App. 
  • I have a team of healing experts, including myself, who will typically respond within 24 hours.


How to prepare

  • Make sure that you are alone and in a safe environment.
  • Sit on a comfortable chair that supports your back and rest both feet on the floor. Have a light blanket because you may experience temperature shifts.
  • Have water and tissues handy. Take some water at the start of the session to lubricate your throat to make the breathwork exercises more comfortable.
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes post-session for reflection and rest. You will have gone through a deep process affecting your emotions and nervous system, so plan for this critical downtime.

What happens during a typical Breakthrough LIVE session?

  • Using a gentle type of breathwork, you’ll be guided through a scan of your body to identify the part of your body that’s holding tension. This typically indicates the presence of an emotional block.
  • Blending a combination of pressure point therapy and tapping tools, you’ll notice the intensity, shape, and form of this felt emotion.
  • You’ll be guided to create a miniature avatar of yourself that will be able to experience your emotional block from different perspectives.
  • Using a softening technique, you’ll discover the emotion beyond the tightness and be invited to feel and validate what you’re experiencing using a journeying technique, where you’ll drop down through different layers of unprocessed emotions—arriving at a point that feels neutral, spacious, and floaty. Expect to feel an absence of emotion – when your mind/body starts to reset and re-calibrate. 
  • Using powerful visualisation techniques, you’ll be invited to meet your inner child who has experienced emotional pain and support their healing.
  • The 50 trillion cells in your body, are the building blocks for your emotional and physical health. You’ll receive a way to transition their operating function from survival to growth.
  • At this point, you’ll be guided into a short yet strong breathwork sequence to release more negative emotions and stimulate your vagus nerve to boost self-love and compassion.
  • Finally, you’ll be guided back into the present moment and given tools to ground yourself as you emerge from the session.


These powerful 45-minute sessions are included in premium subscriptions to The Healing Hub App (£9.99 monthly/£99 yearly).

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