In the heart of the 2020 global pandemic, a time of unprecedented stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, a vision was born. Millions grappled with fear for their future, health, and loved ones. Drawing from three decades of experience in holistic healing, I felt a profound calling.

Understanding that unresolved emotions are as real and deep as physical injuries, I delved into a journey seeking rapid and practical solutions. Together with a team of master composers, we synergised scientifically validated processes with the frontier of neuroscience. 

Our creation? Evocative compositions using 8D surround sound technology, designed to soothe the amygdala and harmonise the nervous system.

The Healing Hub Community App is more than just an app—it’s a transformative portal. Within it, you’ll discover the tools to reconnect with your core, your authenticity. When you nurture your emotional core, you don’t just heal; you thrive.

Discover your pathway to inner harmony:

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  • Premium Membership: Dive deeper for only £9.99/month or £99.00/year. Embark with a complimentary 2-week trial and feel the wave of clarity, serenity, and empowerment after each session.

Join a global community committed to self-discovery and growth. Start your transformative journey today!

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“The Healing Hub should be on prescription for everyone – it is truly amazing!”
Karan Liane Hartley
“ My wife and kids have all said how much calmer I am.”
Steve McConnell