The Expansion Practice

The Expansion Practice

The Expansion Practice – Do you struggle to meditate because your thoughts are whizzing around faster than Lewis Hamilton on Red Bull? Feeling panicky about the Coronavirus and how it might impact you and your family? Are you feeling overwhelmed with work, depressed about the weather, or  experiencing conflict in relationships? Do you have an inner knowing that you have so much to offer but things never seem to go your way?

If you resonated with any of these then I’m so glad that you’re reading this because I can really help you, right now in this moment.

I want to introduce you to a daily practice that I’ve evolved over the past 15 years. It’s a practice that within 20 minutes, will give you an instant feeling of wellbeing, more energy and creates an optimum state for high performance. You feel an immediate and tangible transformation occurring within your body, during and after the practice. In just 7 – 10 days of doing this practice regularly, you’ll notice that life feels easier, people respond more positively to you, you’ll be happier and you’ll feel really comfortable with who you are right now.

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of people; individually and within a work context. Because I am motivated by making a difference I have always wanted to share practical tools that help people to feel good.

I’m a big fan of Vedic meditation that uses a sanskrit mantra to focus attention and calm the mind. When I met Paul McKenna he opened my eyes to the power of hypnosis when we met on a chat show in the early 1990s when I was promoting my first book. This inspired me to create over 30 different hypno-meditations that combine binaural beats, music and double-inductions with positive affirmations to create change while you sleep. I’ve learned many energy related techniques from Reiki to Emotional Freedom techniques in the recognition that they help with the release and processing of old and toxic emotions. I feel passionately about the value of breathwork because having worked with over 2000 people individually I noticed that their muscles contracted around repressed emotions and constricted their ability to breath properly. In 2015 I surrendered my jogging and gym visits for different types of yoga from yin to kundalini. My chiropractor noticed a big difference in my flexibility. Because of my interest in meridians and acupuncture I’ve experienced how simple self-administered acupressure helps the flow of lifeforce energy.

There was a time that I had to set my alarm for five in the morning to do all the practices that I believed would help me to maintain a high performing state before I started work. It was all too much and I had dreams of retiring so I could fit in all the techniques I had learned!!

As 2019 ended I found myself contemplating upon what combination of techniques would create an immediate change to how people feel. Something that could be easily learned and applied that would get instant results.

I was inspired by the vision of immediate positive change quickly. I decided to blend a number of the tools and techniques into a powerful 20 x minute practice. As 2020 began I was already integrating The Expansion Practice into my own routine and immediately started teaching it to my clients. They are loving the liberation from negative emotions and the sense of expansion that this practice creates. The immediacy of feeling positive, empowered and calm becomes deliciously addictive. I have noticed that I don’t feel stressed, scared or depressed about anything. I’m sleeping better, my skin tone has improved, I have more energy and life feels effortless.

BUT…….it feels a little bit strange to do at first!

I have created a video tutorial (see link at the end of this article) to show you how to do this 4 step practice:

Step 1 –Deep belly breathing through mouth

You have around 50 trillion cells in your body that are either operating in a mechanism of survival or growth. The stresses of a busy life combined with continual challenges and problems mean that many peoples’ cells are often closed and are functioning to survive rather than thrive. If your cells aren’t functioning fully then you can’t either. The quickest way to transition your cells into a growth mode is to fill them up with oxygen. When you take deep breaths with your mouth fully open you absorb large quantities of oxygen that you take into your lungs until it reaches tiny air sacs that pass the oxygen into your blood stream. This builds high reserves of oxygen in your body. For most people when they start this practice they’ll often feel a bit dizzy at first which is why it’s important to lay down.

Step 2 – Releasing anxiety, negative emotions and toxic energy

Initially it doesn’t take many deep breaths for you to feel some rising anxiety. This is why it’s important to release any negative emotion that your deep breathing has triggered. When you hold onto unprocessed negative emotions you affect your breath and your body. Deep breathing starts to soften the tightness in the body and creates the opportunity for releasing that old emotion. The quickest way to release is through strong, intense primal movements. The main releasing method is using the arms and clenched fists to pummel the air as if you were punching a boxing ball. Initially you breath in then as you exhale you do as many fast air punches as you can. You’ll notice that you feel a tingling sensation in your body that signals the movement of unblocked lifeforce energy. I have built in regular releasing sessions into every guided practice.

Step 3 – Breath Retention to access a Theta Frequency

At a certain point in the practice you’ll be invited to hold your breath for as long as you can. The time you can hold your breath for varies but you’ll find that doing The Expansion Practice daily lengthens the time you can hold your breath. When I first started I could barely hold my breath for longer than 30 seconds. Now I can hold it for over 2 minutes – its amazing! Whilst holding your breath you’ll access a theta frequency and feel weightless and infinite. This is the state that seasoned meditators want to experience and in theta you create the optimum conditions for emotional and physiological healing.

Step 4 – Rewiring and Realigning

This step is based on the Hypno-meditation process I’ve been using that I conducted research on during 2012 regarding their impact and efficacy. At this point in the practice your unconscious mind is at its most receptive, a perfect moment for you to receive a blend of positive affirmations that rewire your behavioural programmes to align with your higher state of consciousness. You’ll simultaneously receive intuitive cellular wisdom for your conscious mind so that both your minds work collaboratively to transform how you feel, how you perceive your life and ultimately the way you behave. This step is your reward for the previous challenging steps and it’s typical to experience a warm tingling sensation and a sense of euphoria.

Each guided practice has been produced by my talented nephew Harry Valentine who has composed all the soundtracks to ensure they synchronise and guide the entire practice for optimum impact. He has included some amazing special effects that can be experienced when you listen with headphones.

To access all the resources relating to The Expansion Practice here are the relevant links:

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