The Dance of your Soul

The past seven days have been a whirlwind of speaking engagements, programme launches and socialising with some of my more ‘creative’ friends. I’ve been pirouetting between cars to trains to hotel rooms, cramming days of activities into available hours, often exhausted by the frenetic pace of life.  Usually, I’m the one pioneering the ‘weird and whacky’ but this week I’ve been dancing my way into meditative bliss thanks to the enchanting suggestions from close friend, Claire.

On Saturday my home became a haven for sorcery when three magical friends, laden with champagne, flowers, presents and requests; “Nikki, can you give us a past life regression?” “Nikki where are your Osho Zen cards?” “Nikki have you actually used the oven yet?” – took charge of a weekend revivifying process. My tranquil oasis became a gorgeous vibration of feminine energy when Claire took charge of the food, Lisa stripped off for a sports massage (Steve, the handyman dropped in), and Tracey opened the windows and got stuck into the copious bottles of Prosecco!

There is something about strong feminine energy that attracts attention. So when a white dove began flying outside the window, peering in I should have been prepared for what happened next. A beautiful yellow wagtail flew into the room surprising us all. We watched entranced by the delicate fragility of this little bird with a strong beating heart. Flying, dancing, resting and chirping before it finally opened its wings, puffed its tiny chest and flew out into the ether.

So when Claire suggested that we participate in a “wee bit of…. (she’s from Scotland) …..5Rhythms dancing!”  I think I was still hypnotised by the little bird. So there we were, four of us, dancing around my lounge, eyes closed as if we were possessed by Margot Fonteyn and Michael Flatley, (well without the grace and technical brilliance!) The longer we danced the less inhibited we felt. The rhythm of the music seemed to speak directly to parts of my body that momentarily took control and orchestrated a chorus that united unrequited love with a dance of pure joy.

Gabrielle Roth founded 5Rhythms, a dynamic movement practice that stimulates creativity, connection with your true self and liberates you from the tyranny of self-constraint. Roth looks remarkably like Cher when she demonstrates (on DVD) the transcendent magic of five different rhythms. According to Roth, “Energy moves in waves, waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.”  

This dancing experience uses freestyle movements to heal deeply rooted emotional issues. Every individual holds their life story in their physical body. I know this as a deep truth because I also see how bodies contort to align with the trapped emotions within. When we feel stuck in our body we are already stuck in our mind. The burden of emotional pain is heavy to carry so our body buckles and tenses under the strain of ordinary living.

When we allow our body to move to different rhythms we enable our soul to express our inner dance. As we allow our body to move we find it easy to surrender the mask we have worn so tightly for years. We scatter the poison from negative programming as it transmutes and disappears into the writhing mass of a whole new awareness.

We are more than just our body. We are more than just our mind. We are more than just our emotions. Our true authentic self, our soul, struggles to breathe when this dastardly trio simply sorts distress from duress. Life is full of infinite possibilities, yet we judge ourselves cruelly in the overwhelm of living until we forget what we know.

There may be times in our own life when we feel that there is something lacking within us. Something missing from the illusion we fondly refer to as life. At the moments when we feel most lost we have forgotten why we are here. Our patient soul continues to wait for the moment when we remember who we truly are inside so we can dance our truth with a radiant grace. The more we dance, the more connected we become to the innate wisdom we possess inside. With this superhighway of rich knowingness we can live a life filled with wild love.

The world is not filled with random, meaningless events. Every aspect of this physical world is potent with meaning and significance. Our soul is connected to the vast reservoir of untapped potential, but its ethereal quality makes it easy to bully with the materialistic urges that are driven from the ego. We continue to persevere in this life without any thought of a soul. We’ve stopped listening to the whispers from our soul. Yet this exquisite purity of consciousness is eternal, powerful and filled with love and light. It never leaves us because our divine soul loves us unconditionally. It waits until we are ready. It wants to guide our way home.

Every morning as the sun starts rising over the horizon the floors vibrate with the rhythms that my feet want to show me. My hands become swan like creatures that beckon my hips to swirl and twirl. As the music gets quicker I feel a deep and rising ecstasy born from inhibitions being shed.

Then I glance out of the window into the faces of stunned strangers and I realise it’s time to have a cup of tea – shaken not stirred. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – keep dancing!!!


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