Taming Mass Fear

Taming Mass Fear

Taming Mass Fear – What Can You Do?

Have you noticed that the fear relating to the Coronavirus has gathered a momentum that is as contagious as a pandemic? Vulnerable people are dying, large public gatherings and flights are being cancelled and panic buying of toilet rolls and hand sanitiser have left Supermarket shelves looking rather forlorn. Digital media is streaming terrible news into the heart of your home creating a sense of mounting dread. What does this mean for you as a human being, as an employee, as a leader, as a partner, parent or child? When will it end and what can you do when you see entire countries close down in a desperate effort to contain the uncontainable?

It is part of your primal human survival instinct to become vigilant about possible danger. But your amygdala, a limbic structure that helps the processing of emotions, can become triggered not just by an actual threat of danger but by a perceived threat of danger. When the media highlights devastating incidences, in the knowledge that bad news attracts more attention than good news, your awareness of this news, activates a chain of thoughts that creates an emotional response, usually fear, that triggers your amygdala and affects you at a cellular level. The 50 trillion cells in your body close down and if they remain this way for too long then your immune system is weakened.

The feeling of impotence and powerlessness creates a weakness in the mind and body that reduces your natural defence to whatever is out there. It doesn’t matter how much fear you feel, you can never feel it enough for Coronavirus to vanish. What is causing you the biggest challenge; fear of what Coronavirus might do or the Coronavirus? You can’t change what is happening around the world so the only course of action available to you is to change how you feel inside.

Take a moment to pause and reflect upon the question – who are you? You are so much more than your physical presence, more than your thoughts, more that your personality. The larger part of who you are is non-physical, pure awareness that is limitless.

If you are open to quantum mechanics then you’ll already be familiar with the theory that everything in the universe has both a particle and a wave nature. Your body is a mass of particles and appears solid. But the other aspect of you is vibrational.  What’s really interesting is that the vibration you transmit and receive information about your external reality is affected moment by moment by what you’re paying attention to. If you focus on what’s wrong then you’re on the wrong frequency. Most of the news at the moment is totally focused on what’s wrong and all this does is to reinforce fear and build more awareness that there is lots to be scared about. To change what’s in your awareness, requires you to change your frequency and this can only be done by changing the way you feel.

When you make decisions from a place of fear and worry they are usually different to the decisions you make from a place of feeling safe, calm and powerful. When you change how you feel, you change the chemistry of your body and you change how the world appears.

The best thing you can do to help yourself and others during these fearful times is to work on feeling good regardless of what is going on around you. Here are some of my favourite suggestions that will when implemented enable you to start every day feeling a little bit more positive, calm and safe.

  1. The moment you awaken repeat a positive affirmation that empowers you. My favourite one goes along the lines of: “Today is going to be a good day. Everything is going to work out well because it always does. This time will pass – right now in this moment I am safe.”
  2. When you quieten the mind you start to notice that thoughts are like clouds, they drift in and out of your awareness. When you slow down your thoughts you find it easier to release them without any emotional attachment.
  3. Stretch your body with some simple yoga or pilates inspired exercises. Stretching your body stretches your thinking. Fear causes your muscles to contract so regular stretching releases old fear held within your body.
  4. Boost your immune system with celery juice, an unparalleled healing weapon that surpasses any other superfood. I recommend this to all my clients and recommend the book Medical Medium Celery Juice by Anthony William for more information.
  5. Start doing The Expansion Practice on a regular basis because it blends a number of enlivening processes that turbo-charge how you feel. You can watch my video tutorial and download the guided audio track. It was designed by me for times such as these! Enjoy with my compliments.

When you change how you feel you begin to notice that your perception of the world around you moulds and aligns itself accordingly. The more you commit to feeling good regardless of the external conditions and circumstances the more empowered you’ll feel.

Take care.