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Self-Sabotage or Self-Support?

As the echoes of Auld Lang Syne bid farewell to another eventful year our thoughts somersault into the start of an exciting new one. With hope and optimism burning brightly in our hearts many of the world’s population set a resolution – a promise to themselves to either abstain from something sinful or attain a dashing goal.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute only 8% of us who set resolutions actually achieve them. Amongst the field of possible reasons for this low success rate, I’d like to share a theory that is based on a physics lesson I attended when I was sixteen.

Take two pebbles of the same weight and size and drop them both into water at the same time from the same height. The energy from each pebble, expressed as a wave, will at the point of meeting, amplify the energy from both pebbles. This is referred to in physics as ‘constructive interference’. If you then take those same pebbles and drop them at different heights into water, the energy from both pebbles will be neutralised. In physics this phenomenon is ‘destructive interference’. You are a multifaceted being, a complex system comprising of many parts. There is your core self – the real you, your ego mind and the different roles you have been programmed to adopt. Each of these parts are metaphorical ‘pebbles’ that resonate at different frequencies. If your ‘pebbles’ are not aligned, then you will be manifesting destructive interference that sabotages your intended goal. Nothing can be achieved without the energy of focused intent. When every fibre of your entire being wants your resolution, then you create constructive interference that energises and supports your success. If there is just a small part of you that doesn’t, then your internal destructive interference will hamstring your efforts and sabotage your success.

How do you know whether you are fully aligned with your resolutions? Take a moment to scan your body and notice how you feel. Are there any parts of you that feel heavy, stuck or tight? Energy has different frequencies – the vibrational frequency of success feels light, flowing and free. The vibrational frequency of doubt and fear feels very different.

There are two main ways that you can transform destructive interference into constructive interference:

  1. When you think about your resolution, look for any tension or heaviness within your body. Then, ask yourself: “What is the cause of this heaviness/tension? What do I need to pay attention to that will cause this heaviness/tension to disappear?” Any ‘unease’ within your body usually signals an emotional ‘unease’. When you acknowledge and understand the emotional ‘unease’ the physical ‘unease usually goes. Sometimes these questions may cause you to change your mind about your resolution.
  2. You are pure energy at your smallest. Your elementary particles contain strings and the longer the strings the more they vibrate. The space around these particles can be filled with vibrating strings. When particles interact with particles they become entangled. This means that resolutions (thoughts and desires) only exist when they are observed. White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are stored. White light purifies, cleanses and transforms. So if you observe any tension/heaviness in your body and visualise sending white light to these areas, your focused intent will create a shift in energy within and around your body. You can literally change the universe on a particle by particle basis by changing your thoughts and focus. Don’t take my word for it, go ahead and imagine sending white light to an area of tension within your body and notice the immediacy of the change.

The strange truth about resolutions is that they imply a lack of something in your life because they are seeking to attain a desire, a wanting within you. If part of you is feeling this lack, and part of you wants what you desire, then you will neutralise your energy. This sabotages your innate ability to manifest that which you want.

So as controversial as this may seem to those of you with an ambitious steely bit between your teeth, you could simply let go of any need to set resolutions and choose to focus on what’s truly wonderful about your life right now. When you feel grateful and serene inside, you project your inner harmony onto your external reality. You can have all that you desire right here, right now. If you look for the abundance in your life you’ll find it. If you look for miracle moments in your life, you’ll see them. If you imagine the most amazing outcomes then you attract that which you hold in your mind. The vision in your heart combined with an essence of gratitude for all that is well in your world is almost certainly guaranteed to deliver you blissful, joyous happiness.


Happy Birthday Sue Skinner

sue skinnerToday is the 70th birthday of my mentor, an extraordinary and inspirational woman – Sue Skinner. I have known her for over thirty years and she continues to provide nourishment for my soul, substance for my brain and unconditional support for all that I do in this world. Happy Birthday Sue – in the context of your infinite soul, this birthday represents just a blink of an eye!


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