‘Release Your Inner Extraordinary’ – how we did it!

When I first met Corah, I experienced an instant knowing that we were destined to do something great together. We share a similar way of thinking and feeling. As we began working together, clients, friends and even my own family often remarked that we looked and sounded like sisters. We both laughed at this because Corah’s mother was Jamaican and we had very different upbringings. Yet in all honesty we also felt like sisters. This bond created high trust levels between us and enabled us to explore the frontiers of psychotherapy within a corporate context. As we began pioneering ways to support the way people feel about themselves and their potential we recognised that our work transformed leadership capability.

When we first started working with business leaders, we witnessed that the challenges they were experiencing in the workplace, were often caused by their own buried emotional issues from their past. Many of their behaviours in the workplace were being unconsciously driven by negative programming from their past, yet these programmes were at best ‘diluting’ their leadership impact and more often they were sabotaging their own leadership capability.

Ten years ago, Corah and I set out to create an immediate and sustainable transformation of leadership capability. Even when leaders were operating at the top of their game, we wanted to see if there was an even higher level of leadership potential we could help them to access.

Our work was built on the presupposition that within each of us we hold a seed of extraordinary potential. We are born great, unlimited, expansive and totally free to achieve great things. The only reason that many of us aren’t living an extraordinary life is because we have become disconnected. Disconnected from our emotions, disconnected from our hearts, disconnected from our own greatness. Traumas, painful experiences, overwhelming situations and people who have hurt us, trigger a primal need to protect ourselves. The more protection we build internally, the more we function at the surface of who we really are. Yet this inner extraordinary for achieving greatness still exists at a deep level within us all.

Corah and I know and experience on a daily basis that the quickest way to access an individual’s greatness is to help them release old buried negative emotions that block their inner extraordinary. Old memories are often the root of emotional turmoil that show up in everyday life. When you change the perception of an old memory, even if you can’t remember that memory consciously, you liberate yourself from negativity, ordinary and ingrained unhelpful programming.

It’s taken ten years, ten thousand hours working with over 2500 business leaders. So we can’t really claim to have achieved an overnight success! But this dedication has lead us to the point where we can now confidently say that we can transform leadership capability in just three hours. We have hundreds of client testimonials that will testify to this.

All good so far but how could we communicate the power of our work, quickly, in a fiercely competitive marketplace?

Our challenge was to create an online campaign that was able to convey the impact of our work in a crowded and competitive market where everyone is claiming to ‘transform, empower, achieve greater success’. In all honesty, Corah and I were too close to our own work. We decided to think big, be brave and work with a top London Ad Agency. Look at some of the wonderful campaigns we see on TV; the John Lewis ad every Christmas, the Sony Bravia bouncing balls ad, the Guinness ads…..”Yes please, one of those type of campaigns will do nicely thank you!”

Well……. the good thing about Corah and I, is that we think big and are brave and audacious. The not so good thing about us is that in certain scenarios we can sometimes be pretty clueless. We hadn’t appreciated the HUGE cost of asking a big London Ad agency to help us!!! What we had as our budget would not even cover the cost of an initial meeting with Saatchi & Saatchi! Guess this is why they work with FTSE 100 clients! So short of winning the lottery we asked The Universe to help us.

It’s deliciously wonderful the way focused intent can call into being that which we desire.

A few years ago Mip Phillips, a hugely gifted advertising guru from a top London Agency attended one of the seminars that I delivered with Corah at The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. He sent me a message recently to say how this had changed his life. (Thank you Universe). Coincidentally he had just decided to launch a new initiative to help small businesses benefit from big agency campaigns at an affordable price. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

What I like about Mip is his passion for helping people and companies find, what he kept referring to as ‘The Big Idea’. What’s the creative concept that will simply and powerfully communicate what makes them special and unique? Whilst Corah and I had a strong product, it was difficult for us to communicate what it does and the impact it has – which is why we needed……….a Big Idea!

If I’m honest, when I was working with Mip I did have moments when I thought “this guy’s a nutter” (but then creative geniuses tend to be this way). BUT I started to feel excited as I began to understand the importance of how he was challenging Corah and me to think differently and focus on the impact of work in one sentence.

The Big Idea is a communication strategy that works across every medium and instantly conveys the heart of a powerful message. It’s a bit like watching a movie trailer – you get the impact and storyline of a blockbuster movie in less than a minute.

Initially Mip asked us lots of questions that helped us to refine and define what sits at the heart of what we do. He began talking about giraffes walking against rush hour crowds on London Bridge, parrots on push bikes and chameleons. (Yes I agree with you, very random and somewhat strange). A week later he presented Corah and I with a Big Idea that we both fell in love with;

Release Your Inner Extraordinary – you always knew you had it in you!

Our online campaign was out of the blocks as we collaborated on the visuals, scripting and soundtrack. With the explosion of vlogging and use of video, Mip asked us why we would settle for a corporate video when we could have a blockbuster movie for the same budget. Why would we use off the shelf library music when we could have a soundtrack composed to the movie we had made? Why would we use a clichéd voiceover script when each word and phrase holds the potential to evoke and ignite emotion?

Landing pages, digital seeding and a communication strategy designed to fast track online awareness – this man’s capability and expertise, not to mention his speed of working was mind blowing.

Six weeks later the stage is set for the launch of ‘Release Your Inner Extraordinary’. Corah and I wanted to give you a sneak preview and show you what we did. Enjoy!!!!

Release your Inner Extraordinary by visiting www.nikkijowen.com/extraordinary