Release Stress & Restore Confidence

This powerful 45-minute session targets pent-up stress, anxiety and frustration, currently trapped in the musculature of your body.

Using a combination of tools and techniques applied over three decades with thousands of people, you’ll be amazed at the speed you can feel lighter, happier and more confident.

Your session will be supported by a personal plan of tools and techniques selected from The Healing Hub App. This ensures quick integration and optimisation of benefits gained from our work together.

After a single session, you’ll feel:

  • Lighter and calmer
  • More confident
  • Clearer in your thinking
  • More aware of your potential

Summer Special Offer! £350 Now only £150 (1st June – 31st August 2023).

(Bookings subject to availability)

“Nikki has ‘transform’ in her headline and she has an extraordinary gift to be able to do just this with incredible care, compassion, gentleness and empathy.

I feel so so blessed to have benefited from such a powerful session with her, releasing blockages from childhood that I did not realise had been holding me back in adulthood. She came into my life just when I needed her. Incredible how it can only take 1 hr to release the hurt felt for decades. I cannot recommend her enough. We all need Nikki in our life, so don’t hesitate to connect with her for one of the most powerful hours of your life.”

Dr Lizzy Bernthal