Prepare to meet and even love your shadow

Hidden in the dark, murky depths of your innermost thoughts resides a part of you that you have judged as so bad, so damning, that you sent it into exile. This is your shadow self. This aspect of your personality is the part that you don’t want to admit to possessing but is intrinsic to your evolution. Until you acknowledge and accept the darkest part of you, then those parts will rise up in different aspects of your life. Resistance and suppression of your shadow self does not help you. Only when you love and accept all aspects of yourself will you experience harmony, bliss and serenity. Active mindfulness will activate your shadow self, bring it into your conscious awareness for releasing. Imagine a dark room full of shadows and outside of the room it’s surrounded by light. When you open all the doors and windows, the room is illuminated by light and the shadows no longer exist. Breathing Space illuminates what was your shadow self.


Show your shadow some love

Over the years I have released lots of anger, but still felt ashamed of what behaviour my anger had triggered in my teens. It was only when I was able to fully love and accept this aspect of myself that I liberated myself from my negative judgement of my shadow. I had a dream that I was being chased through a dark wood. The ground was uneven and everywhere looked the same. I was lost in a forest of tall trees. I was terrified to look back and see who was chasing me. When I finally looked behind me, I saw my shadow self, and she was crying out for me to love her. When you can look into the eyes of your shadow with love in your heart, you’ll notice that it stops haunting you. Active mindfulness brings up your shadow, helps you to accept and love it, and with that you have released it. This is a healing process that is amazingly cathartic.


Commitment and Consistency are key to success

As you start to learn how to harness this active mindfulness technique, hold in mind that commitment and consistency are the two important principles that will optimise what you’ll gain from it. Each daily practice, especially during the first ten days, will feel challenging. Typically, during this time, it gets progressively easier to do. My suggestion is that you commit to doing active mindfulness daily for the first 10–14 days; then make your own decision, based on how you feel and what time you are prepared to invest.

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