BBC NEWS Interview

Listen to the audio interview on BBC News Outlook to discover more about my personal journey of healing and self-discovery and how it’s informed my work with thousands of people over 3 decades.

RELEASE DATE: 22, September 2021

PMS - My personal story

In my late teens, I was sensationally released from The Old Bailey on the 22nd of December 1978 when my diagnosis of PMS was used as a mitigating factor in a landmark case that made legal history.

Since that trauma, I have dedicated my life to finding ways to restore balance in the mind and body to help people transform how they feel. 

I was inspired to create techniques that women can use at home, on a regular basis, that will soothe PMS symptoms, so that life feels easier, calmer and more inflow. These resources will always be free and readily available wherever and whenever you need them.

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“My fiancé is definitely calmer and she seems more herself”
Scott Turner
Senior Designer
“Very powerful. It really works!
Rosie Bolam
Business Development Manager
“Helped me harness positive feminine energies & overcome my anxieties”
Claire Chant
Yoga Teacher

Further resources

For support and guidance on managing PMS Symptoms, visit the National Association for Premenstrual Syndromes, NAPS. 

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