PMS - My personal story

In my late teens, I was sensationally released from The Old Bailey on the 22nd of December 1978 when my diagnosis of PMS was used as a mitigating factor in a landmark case that made legal history.

Since that trauma, I have dedicated my life to finding ways to restore balance in the mind and body to help people recover from mental health challenges. 

Having experienced the impact of a hormone imbalance on my own mental state, I was inspired to create meditations and practices that support hormonal balance in situations such as PMS and Menopause for women and Erectile Dysfunction in men. These resources are available on The Healing Hub.

BBC NEWS Interview

Listen to the audio interview on BBC News Outlook to discover more about my personal journey of healing and self-discovery and how it’s informed my work with thousands of people over 3 decades.

RELEASE DATE: 22, September 2021

"Nikki is the most authentic speaker and presenter. Her story is amazing. She shows her sheer determination to commit a lifetime's work to helping people in distress and transforming their lives for the better. Simply amazing!"
Neil Loach
Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health


Support hormonal balance to restore your mental health and wellbeing.


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