When the global landscape is uncertain and chaotic, it’s natural for people to want to protect themselves and hunker down into a state of survival. Leaders who operate from a place of fear are blocking their team’s potential. Most leaders understand this, yet few know how to switch their mindset into growth, regardless of what’s happening in their external landscape of life.

How I help leadership teams

Using ground-breaking tools and techniques blended over three decades, I show leaders how they can change their cellular chemistry (cells are the building blocks for life), their neural circuits (pathways for repetitive thinking) and their mindset. This immediately delivers a change in behaviour and performance.

Working in group sizes up to 20, these interactive programmes are designed to create ‘change in the moment’ so that leaders embody the behaviours of resilience, inspiration and positive.

By learning how to:

  • Access their authenticity to increase self-confidence
  • Expand their self-awareness and develop more compassion
  • Listen to their intuition and become an oracle of wisdom
  • Change their body’s chemistry to access a growth mindset
  • Free themselves from past negative experiences
  • Improve their resilience by emptying their emotional cup
  • Boost cognitive function for enhanced clarity
  • Support others who are anxious, stressed, and fearful
  • Overcome self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Form new healthy habits – for healthy leadership

These programmes are delivered face-to-face, virtual, or blended solutions and include post-session integration:

  • Tools to release stress and enhance energy
  • Personalised feedback & support (optional)
  • Leadership Breakthrough sessions (optional)

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“I saw Nikki at a leadership conference, and it inspired me to book her masterclass and coaching sessions for our leadership team. I have attended lots of leadership programmes, but none that had the reaction or positive impact that Nikki’s session had. She works in such a different way and has an authentic mesmerising style. I can honestly say it has been the most transformational and talked about leadership programme that I have ever been on.”
Louise Dolan
Category Director, Sainsbury’s