Being a leader right now, carries an additional weight of responsibility. It’s natural to associate these current pressures on why you feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted. The greatest potential for change exists when you recognise that YOU are not where the solution lies.


Many leaders are struggling with difficult situations from their past, without even realising it. These life wounds, make it harder to cope with what is happening day-to-day.


As a leader, you might be experiencing the effects of known and unknown trauma. Events experienced when you were younger that you thought you had dealt with, may still be affecting the person you are now. This has a direct impact on your leadership capability.


The opportunity to transform your mindset, attitudes, behaviour, and performance happens when you address the root cause of the challenges being experienced on the surface. This means that rather than pushing down painful memories you re-visit them and help your younger self to process what happened to them (that’s you when you were younger) from a place of security and safety (that’s you now, the grown-up you).


After recovering from my own childhood trauma, I became fascinated with finding ways to create positive change, quickly and permanently. Over three decades I’ve worked with thousands of leaders using my powerful breakthrough process. 


These sessions can be emotional, challenging, and intense. Yet, if you are ready and open to a different style of coaching, you are likely to feel an immediate sense of liberation and wellbeing.


What’s involved?

  • Initial chat to explore how my approach, tools and techniques can resolve and transform issues resulting from your past to create your best self in all contexts.
  • 6 x 90-minute virtual sessions over 4 – 6 months
  • Post-session integration tools with personalised suggestions
  • Regular catch-ups and support


Typical outcomes

  • Life will feel easier to navigate
  • More authentic in communication
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater self-awareness
  • More confidence
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased clarity
  • Deeper sense of purpose
  • Acceptance/letting go of past hurts
  • Empowered and inspired.
“Working with Nikki was transformational and helped improve resilience, create clarity, and provide tools to develop myself further. Nikki works at a deeper and more intuitive level than most coaches and consultants. Immensely valuable.”
Paul Simpson
OBE Chief Executive Officer at CDP
“Nikki’s approach is different to anything I’ve experienced before and the impact of what she has already helped me achieve and unlock is profound. The benefits I am experiencing personally and professionally are huge. I now see a lot of things differently and feel so energised by understanding myself better.”
Ian Teagle
Senior Director PageGroup

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