Transform Fear in the Workplace

Today’s uncertain and volatile world is forcing a shift in the way leaders and their teams are required to behave. When an organisation is under pressure the workforce feels this negative velocity that creates a chemical shift in the body. 

A cellular lock-down happens and a person’s mindset operates from a need to survive rather than thrive. In this moment the human body is geared for danger and functions from a fight or flight response.

Heightened stress levels, emotional chaos and the rise of mental health related issues creates a continual challenge to high performing teams who are easily triggered by the overflow of old emotions. Many leadership and team development initiatives do not know how to address the cellular and energetic cause of team behaviour driven from a place of fear.

Now is the time to help leaders and their teams utilise techniques that sit at the frontiers of human psychology. By embracing a genuine desire to implement a different approach to wellbeing and behavioural change, it’s possible to create an immediate and optimum state for high performance every day. 

“Your leadership spirit transforms ‘your truth’ into an authentic power
that liberates the hearts and minds of others.”
Nikki J Owen

Your Organisation can engage with Nikki J Owen in a number of ways:

The Expansion Practice - Online Masterclass for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

In a crisis, great leaders see opportunity, demonstrate flexibility possess a grounded sense of hope and optimism. Find out how to access these attributes with an extraordinary process that delivers an immediate transformation in mindset, energy, performance and results. This powerful online masterclass is delivered live for business leaders by Nikki J Owen – The Transformationalist.

“Has a powerful and long-lasting impact. The approach is utterly unique and inspired.”
Nebel Crowhurst
Formerly Head of L & D, Virgin Holidays​
Keynote Speaker


Drawing on three decades of research Nikki blends powerful stage demonstrations with powerful scientific theories that leave audiences spellbound and asking for more. Her impact is described as “Powerful – leading edge – life changing“.

“Powerful. Had a profound effect.”
Susie Williams
Franchise Project Controller, Orange

Team Transformation

Transforms mindset into growth, increases mental and emotional agility and develops authentic presence for extraordinary performance. She works intuitively and interactively with group sizes ranging from 10-70 leaders. 


“WOW. Challenging, thought provoking, pushes to engage in
new experiences. Go for it!”
Martin King
Head of Delivery , Risk Transformation, RBS
Leadership Wellbeing


These sessions are not suitable for every leader which is why Nikki undertakes to speak to leaders considering working with her. Watch the video below of Nikki explaining more about her breakthrough process.


“Nikki has an amazing skill of seeing what is really going on behind the
mask. Significant shifts in a very short space of time.”
Robi Bernberg
Managing Direct, Rocket Medical


To arrange an online demonstration with Nikki and find out whether her approach is aligned with what you are looking for please get in touch.

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