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How to access your own parallel universe

The Law of Attraction states that when your own vibrational frequency is aligned with the frequency of that…

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Experiential Day

Empowering environments, authenticity and trust are key to employee and customer engagement, yet many leaders struggle with creating and sustaining a…

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Exploring Charisma

Join Nikki in her conversation with Management Issues about what Charisma truly is. There is a stereotypical image…

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Talk to me

I have spent my life learning to communicate with honesty about the way I feel. If someone upsets…

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When to walk away and when to stay in the game

The more time you invest in something, combined with the intensity of your emotional attachment to that which…

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Stop trying so hard!

Most people who know me would probably say that I’m determined, hardworking and pick myself up after every…

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It’s not YOU that sabotages your life!

Have you ever made decisions that with hindsight were completely disastrous for you? Have you ever said or…

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Launch of new charisma leadership programme to support businesses through change

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New leadership programme launched to help businesses engage staff

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Breathing techniques

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IT Leaders – the fastest way to become the hero within your organisation

IT departments have gone through a massive transformation in recent years. Their priority is no longer keeping computer…

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Are you aligned with your soul’s purpose?

When life seems arduous and every day feels heavy with the burden of expectation you are receiving an…

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How to Dowse

Albert Einstein described dowsing rods as the quickest way to access information hidden in the unconscious mind and View Video