artist brush painting picture of beautiful landscape

We are all artists of life

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”  John W. Gardener  In the midst of the world’s…

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Upcoming Events

I am beginning to partner with likeminded people as we work together to spread a message of hope,…

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BBC Hereford & Worcester Big Apple Experiment

So BBC Hereford & Worcester ran their own Big Apple Experiment. Their award winning presenter, Malcolm Boyden interviewed…

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Chris Cooper Interview

On 1st January I spoke to Chris Cooper about his powerful new book ‘The Power to Get Things…

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John Hotowka: Nikki how you treat apples is a clue to success

John’s Article: Johns Website:

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Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

What can leaders learn from Jeremy Corbyn.. Nikki Owen’s Comments

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Apple Experiment Gallery of Photos

View a gallery of photos showing the results recorded by people who have conducted the Apple Experiment.

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Nikki’s team

Corah Clark – Head of Charisma Team   In 2012 Corah Clark BSc Hons DipPsy, regMBACP began co-delivering…

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LATEST insights from Nikki

Making sense from senselessness

As the world continues to spew atrocities into the heart of our society, it’s easy to allow the…

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Slow Down Quickly

Imagine driving in the outside lane on a busy motorway. You’re speeding in an effort to outsmart your…

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LATEST Videos from Nikki

How to Dowse

Albert Einstein described dowsing rods as the quickest way to access information hidden in the unconscious mind and View Video