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“Book her, you will not be disappointed – she is fantastic!” Phil Jesson

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Nikki Owen is an international expert, best-selling author and speaker on charisma, authenticity and personal transformation. When she was 18 she experienced the charisma of a leader who transformed her life against the odds. This event compelled her to dedicate over 30 years to researching and studying charisma.  She has now taught thousands of business leaders her unique approach. Because of her unique personal story she also talks at conferences for women and people passionate about their personal development.

Nikki’s talks cover current issues and trends where charisma has a vital role including:

  • Improving engagement
  • Creating an environment of safety
  • Building high performance
  • Breaking down silos and building collaborative culture
  • Inspiring and motivating people to be the best they can be
  • Improving well-being and effectiveness
  • Building resilience and mental toughness
  • Creating successful leaders
  • Attracting and retaining talent through charismatic leaders
  • Ensuring an easier and faster transition through change

Other topics Nikki talks about:
The three stages to personal transformation

  • Unleash your natural charisma
  • The journey from ‘Is this it?” to “This is It!”
  • Becoming the person you were meant to be

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“Mesmerising, liberating and mind-blowing.”

“I was completely absorbed and fascinated by really everything; a real eye opener and something I have never seen before.”
Simon Burton
Head of Learning & Development Specsavers


“Nikki Owen is the most impressive speaker I have ever seen. Mind blowing!”
Miles Carroll
Managing Director UPG plc


“You were the best speaker I have experienced in 13 years of chairing and indeed further back to my two years as a member 20 years ago.”
David Adams
Chair V6 and Key 101 Vistage International (UK)


“Your opening speech was so powerful. You made me look deeply into my feelings and I feel so much more at ease with everything now!”
Jo Kemp
Deputy Patient Accounts Manager London Bridge Hospital

“Nikki, I have just spent a week in Cuba and whilst there I spent a day reading your book. What a truly remarkable life you have had – it cannot have been easy for you in your early years but you have made so much of your life that you are truly inspirational.”
Mark Cooke – CEO
Coba International Limited


“Absolutely fantastic! Nikki did brilliantly at adapting to all the different range of staff mentalities and acceptance. I’m sure she has and will change many people’s lives from her day with us. (I know she has changed mine).”
Debbie Pierce – CEO
Bury Black Pudding Company


“I booked Nikki as a keynote speaker for our National Imaginations Conference. Nikki is one of the most inspirational and authentic people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has an incredible talent for empowering people and creating a long lasting impact on peoples’ lives.”
Sarah Cressall
Founder and Managing Director The Creation Station

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