Member Spotlight – Ben’s Story

Ben as a young boy

I feel powerful and alive and strong again!

“After being a leader in business for many years and being the strong “go to” person for those around me in my private life, I recently found myself having a breakdown after a long period of extreme stress at work, and the loss of my dog, my best friend of ten years. I never ever thought this would happen to me as was so proud of my strength and resilience, but it did.

Nikki has managed to not only bring me back from a very dark place, but also put me in a new stronger more resilient place than I was before, a Ben 2.0 if you will. She truly has changed my life. Nikki is an absolute master of her art. You need to be able to fully trust who you are working with, and this is absolutely natural when working with Nikki. She has completely changed how I think about and view myself which has given me the tools and understanding to be able to deal with anything moving forward.”

Ben Michael, General Manager, E&P Hydraulics UK/AL-KO Kober






Supporting Ben to Release Childhood Trauma

Ben had been recommended to me, and during our initial discussions on Zoom, I noticed his energy levels were extremely low and his breathing was very shallow. He looked like he had been struggling with his past for many years and was drained and exhausted.

Ben had good self-awareness but didn’t know how to find his true authentic self. He seemed lost as to who he was and why his life mattered. The recent loss of his much-loved dog was the catalyst that opened the proverbial ‘can of worms’ and he was overwhelmed by intense emotional pain from his past. In the initial assessment meeting, I knew that I could help him.

Ben had 3 x 60-minute sessions with me over a period of 10-days and he provided updates after the session so I could support him between sessions. Because my work is deep, it’s important that people feel safe because as they release past emotions, neutralise limiting beliefs and expand the way they see things, a lot of reactions occur. That’s why this level of personalised post-session support is so important.

My goal was to identify the root of Ben’s depression and we quickly uncovered a memory of when he was just three years old. We worked together with the little Ben to find out what had occurred, how this impacted Ben’s entire life and what little Ben needed to feel safe and loved. This powerful memory was not the root yet was the catalyst that uncovered the core memory. What happened next created the final release, enabling Ben to restore emotional and physical balance. He immediately looked and felt different.

When I reflect on how Ben opened himself up and was totally vulnerable, I feel the extraordinary courage and bravery it took for him to do this. He’s now flying high and equipped with the tools and techniques to continue his journey independently.

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