Making sense from senselessness

As the world continues to spew atrocities into the heart of our society, it’s easy to allow the rampage of terror to run riot with our emotions. Why do bad things happen to good people? This toxic and relentless tornado of evil is causing havoc on our Planet. When will the next catastrophe happen? If God exists why do children get murdered? What causes one human being to kill and destroy the lives of so many? Why is it in one moment a packed arena can bring sweet music to thousands then morph into a grotesque gargoyle of hatred and fear?
Death, destruction and devastation.

As the vibration of pain takes hold in the fragile beat of our heart we can get caught up into questioning whether the Universe is benign or filled with omnipotent fury. Is human life a meaningless series of accidents? Are we just flesh and bone and when we die, is that it? Why is life filled with such misery and why do people have to suffer so much?

Science is unable to answer these questions – there is no testable explanation that can predict the events that unfold daily on our Planet. Religions continue to fight for their God to be ‘top dog’ believing that their doctrine is right and that makes the doctrines of other Religions ‘inaccurate’ or just plain wrong. Some Religions believe that God holds the power to punish those he deems as erring off the path. Politicians spring up and spring out their platitudes and policies believing that their manifesto has more potential for world peace.

If we can’t find satisfactory answers to our deep and important questions from these conventional sources, where can we turn for help in our greatest moments of need? Who can provide us with a soothing balm to calm the fires of vengeance within so we can surrender to serenity as she holds us in her arms?

In my own quest to understand more about the reasons that cause human suffering I am awakening to the belief that death is not the end. We are so much more than our mind and body. We have a soul that is immortal. Every life that our soul engages to live, enables our soul to grow and develop. Our soul is an aspect of the divine love that pervades the Universe. To connect and know our blissful loving nature we have to experience the multi-faceted dimensions of everything that is ‘not love’ or ‘not divine’.

Our soul craves growth. Every human experience gives us the opportunity to transcend to a higher state of being. The more we welcome love into our hearts the lighter we feel. The more we see beauty in an ugly world, the more beauty we encourage to flourish. Each of us projects our truth into the holographic Universe and we form judgements based on what we see. Yet what if we held positive and empowering beliefs could we change what we see in the world?

The vibration of hatred creates most damage to the host of that hatred. The only thing that hatred fears is pure and unconditional love. Hatred’s eyes are pitch black. When hatred looks at the light in the eyes of love their blackness disappears. Hatred may well galvanise action because it’s a way of coping with tragedy. BUT, hatred implodes and contaminates lives. The path to redemption and peace is not walking with hatred in our hearts. We have to let it go and allow it to transmute into a new, uplifting emotion that flows freely through every particle within our body. Hatred can’t stand the light. It struggles to remain steadfast when confronted with love. Hatred gains power and feeds on the bile made from a bitter and hardened heart. BUT hatred dissolves when love opens her arms and smiles with her radiant and unflinching beauty.

Whatever pain and suffering you have or are experiencing in this moment, allow yourself to be held with love. Open your heart and notice that when you seek to align yourself with your innate and loving nature, your heart feels renewed. If we all committed to accessing a feeling of love every day then together we can influence the vibration of this Planet. The more we love, the harder it becomes to notice hatred. The more we love, the harder it becomes for hatred to flourish. The more we love, the more we infuse life into every step we take as we journey along our path. The more we love, the more transformation we create in every aspect of our life.

Let go of hatred, it has no place in your heart. Welcome the loving nature that surrounds you now. However difficult your path, love always helps to light the way. Choose love and you choose the way of ascended master and wise sages.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing in this moment please accept my love and allow it into your heart.

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