How to become a Shapeshifter

Whatever people I encounter in my life, whatever experiences I have and whatever challenges, obstacles or difficulties are carefully laid at my feet, I have a secret power that enables me to deal with EVERYTHING! I have learned the art of Shapeshifting. Now before you stop reading and think thoughts like “this woman has lost the plot”, I want to show you what I do and how I do it so that you can morph into whatever you want with a graceful fluidity that will help you to simply rise up above and overcome any setback.

According to Hungarian sociologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, we absorb between two to ten million bits of information into our subconscious mind. This means that all our perceptions are inaccurate and incomplete. The perception we choose to take determines how we feel. Our past issues ‘load’ our perceptions so we distort everything in a way that forms a myriad of assumptions. Consequently we trigger all manner of emotional responses.

But just suppose that you and I are living in a parallel universe? Let’s say we are living in a multiverse where every probability for what we perceive already exists. So the minute we notice and fix our perception, we pull together a reality from different universes that substantiate and validate our perception. Given that we can choose a perception from an infinite choice of probabilities we are continually co-creating a reality that is simply a projection from within ourselves.

Therefore, what you notice and pay attention to is what really matters. What meaning and interpretation you choose to ascribe to your perception is what really matters. If you combine these two components then you invoke your power to transmute any negativity that consequently shifts the shape of any current problem.

You can do this in four main ways:

1. Shift your perception from a negative to a positive one

  • What’s good about this situation?
  • What can you learn from this person/situation?
  • How is this experience changing you in a good way?
  • What’s the gift in this situation?

2. Shift your perception by putting yourself ‘at cause’

  • How did you create this?
  • What is this situation an example of?
  • Where else in your life are you creating this issue?
  • What can you change in you that will change ‘their’ behaviour?

3. Shift your perception by changing your referential index

  • If you were coaching someone with this issue what would you say to them?
  • How would you feel if this situation didn’t involve you? What changes would occur within you?
  • How is the other person feeling right now?
  • If you were experiencing this in a movie, what would you notice as you watch yourself?

4. Shifting your perception by changing specifics into the ‘bigger picture’

  • What’s this an example of?
  • What have you both got in common?
  • For what purpose is this happening to you?
  • Why is this important to you?

Sometimes our subconscious mind wants us to gain an important piece of wisdom or has a fresh perspective on something old that we are still holding onto. But it has to compete with the monkey chatter from our conscious mind and therefore needs to get creative with how it makes an impact that stands out from your constant stream of thoughts. When you encounter something unusual in your day-to-day routine or something out of the ordinary happens, you are being offered a metaphorical perspective. This new perspective holds the potential to reframe your current thinking and to gather fresh insights that allow old wounds to rise to the surface and heal.

Examples of these metaphors include:

  • Coincidences
  • A person’s name mentioned several times
  • Electrical appliances going wrong
  • Animals – such as a white squirrel or wild cats or a deer
  • Transport – traffic jams, delays, strikes
  • Particular sequences of numbers
  • Certain words
  • A song or phrase from a film that you keep hearing
  • A physical problem in your own body

When you think about this unusual or ‘out of the ordinary’ experience, what was the initial response that came up from your intuition? How does this relate to other aspects of your life? What meaning could this experience/situation hold for you personally? Why is this significant?

I remember reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, the bit when it talked about everyone you meet has an interesting insight for you to learn. This principle helped me to see that everyone is interesting. When we look around us and start noticing different aspects of life that catch our eye then we begin to recognise the unspoken flow of communication that continually unfolds between us and our subconscious mind.

When you change your perception you change everything. When you open up your vision to embrace the unseen then you find the meaning that life is offering you on a moment by moment basis. The way you look at your life, the way you look at others, the way you perceive your issues and challenges is directly linked to the joy and wonder you feel.

You have the power to shift the shape of every problem, every challenge and every difficulty. You have the power to find the gift in every issue you encounter. When you accept that you are a Shapeshifter then you begin to exercise your ability to transform the seemingly mundane into an extraordinary opportunity.

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