How to access your own parallel universe

The Law of Attraction states that when your own vibrational frequency is aligned with the frequency of that which you desire, then you bring into being that which you want. The Universe is a sea of pulsating energy that becomes ‘real’ only when you observe it. More and more people are waking up to this truth but they struggle to manifest their desires. Knowing about The Law of Attraction is one thing yet applying it is a whole new ball game.

In my own life I’ve been brilliant at manifesting that which I don’t want. This uncomfortable realisation gives me clear feedback that I’m not consistently managing my own emotional state. The truth we hold within our heart is projected into our external reality but the continual wrestle to attain a Zen like existence can be elusive. I have this habit of making simple principles complex and end up sabotaging my potential out of sheer emotional laziness and lack of energetic due diligence.

In the moments when my ego wants to rebel against my heart and life feels a bit overwhelming, I take a two day trip up to Huddersfield. In a rather quirky and rambling house cut into the undulating Yorkshire hillside, live my friends – The Coopers. Visiting Jacqui and Dave is like entering a parallel universe where time stands still, daily miracles are commonplace and conversations are so incredibly ‘out there’ that they break the boundaries of normality. They are a couple who really walk their talk when it comes to The Law of Attraction. They exude a genuine cheerfulness and always see the best in everyone. Even when faced with a problem they manage to flip it around until they can connect with the upside, the learning, the valuable lesson. From the moment I enter their home I am bathed with warmth and sights of their female dog mounting their male dog (didn’t know that feminism was on the rise in dogs). Jacqui chatters away whilst she rustles up some deliciously nutritious meal, wearing one ‘over the knee’ boot she has tried on to see how it looks. Everything seems strange and cockeyed yet completely normal in a surreal sort of way. We don’t really do chit chat, preferring to discuss the unseen world or the power of the Universe sprinkled with the odd “can you get that for me chick?”

My love life regardless of whether it exists or not is placed under scrutiny and at random moments Dave will grab a flip chart and draw a diagram of what’s going on. He seems to understand me better than I understand myself. My business is given shape and direction as Jacqui gently coaches me whilst we walk their dogs in the stunning countryside. Sometimes we will plant protective crystals in strategic places, then at other times I’ll convince them to try one of my outlandish experiments in the knowledge that nothing really phases this couple. We will compare stories of interesting shamanic experiences we have embarked upon and they never laugh when I describe how to speak to nature spirits.

Their life is filled with balance, harmony, adventure and fun. Their marriage of twenty five years still seems fresh and full of love and respect. They holiday regularly, embark upon new business ventures and enjoy a wonderful closeness with their two grown up sons.

What are the guiding principles that have become second nature to The Coopers that hold the potential to transform our own lives?

  1. Manage your emotional state and you hold the key to transformation. Nothing is more important than becoming vigilant about how you feel. Your emotional state determines the frequency that you transmit and receive information. If you feel calm, optimistic and loving then you will create a much nicer life experience than if you’re feeling sad, stressed or frustrated. If you’re not feeling positive then choose a thought that causes you to feel stronger emotionally. Keep changing your perspective of people and situations until you feel uplifted and energised.
  2. Be kind and respectful to everyone. I noticed that Jacqui and Dave are always extraordinarily nice to everyone whether it is the service station attendant, a waiter, the Mac repair man or a delivery driver. They really see and appreciate people. Sometimes in my own life I can get so caught up in my own mental constructs that I’m not present with people. I now make it a practice to look beyond the mask of people and smile at them. It does create a wonderful vibe and I realise that if we all treated everyone in this way then world peace would become a foregone conclusion.
  3. Self-care is a daily must. The Coopers have an appreciation for the importance of their emotional and physical health. They rest when they are tired, they eat healthy foods, and they exercise and meditate regularly. The body we have been given does so much for us and yet I know that I have a cavalier approach to my own health. Chocolate, wine, copious cups of coffee are all toxins. If we want our bodies to feel in a state of peak performance and optimum health then it’s so important we provide the fuel and conditions that support rather than sabotage.
  4. Believe in the miracle that is you. Your life right now is the sum of what you have believed in your past. What type of future you create for yourself will be based on how you feel right now. You create what you think about. Your thoughts change the universe on a particle by particle basis. When you choose good thoughts you create good stuff. You are a master manifested and your powers are miraculous. Step into your glorious future with determination and power because you have all the resources you need to create all that you desire.

The people you meet, the people you know, the friendships you form offer you the opportunity to grow, evolve and develop. When you notice people who are living their lives in a way that you admire give yourself permission to appreciate what they do and the way that they do it. For when we see others through the eyes of respect, appreciation and gratitude we elevate ourselves into a higher state of being.

Live every moment of each day as if it is precious, because if the notion of a parallel universe exists then you might as well have the best life, the best time and the best experience.



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