Meet this month’s Superhero – Nelis van Veen

This 12 year old boy, is no ordinary boy. He lives in Holland with his mum, two brothers and his dad close by.  He has just discovered that he possesses a rather extraordinary superpower. 

A few months ago Nelis received some devastating news — he has bone cancer. Most boys of his age would understandably spiral into a rage of self-pity but not Nelis – of course he gets angry, particular because he can’t play football at the moment! After his mum Cornelia suggested that he might learn a thing or two about the power of his mind, he decided to do his own apple experiment. For those of you who have not heard about this before it is a powerful demonstration of the Placebo and Nocebo Effect. If you believe you can get well then you will, if you believe that you can’t get better then you won’t.  Nelis did his apple experiment for two weeks, sending bad thoughts such as “I can’t play football” to one half of the apple then loving thoughts such as “I love my family, I love my friends” to the other apple half. He photographed his apples after two weeks and proved that his thoughts and intentions had affected the rate of decay of his apple. 

I wanted to speak to this young man and after a 30 minute conversation, his courage, his relentless positivity and his gorgeous smile has left an indelible mark upon me. I realised that I wasn’t speaking to a 12 year old boy, I was speaking to a very old and a very wise soul. He has a message to others who are going through a really tough time which is “Stay strong and you’ll come through” “If you think you can get better then you will”.  If you’re reading this please send him love and healing thoughts (I did forewarn him that he might feel some rather odd tingles at random times). I know that on some level he will feel these. 

Whatever you or a loved one are going through, take heart from Nelis and remember that you really do have the power to create physical and emotional wellbeing. Thank you Nelis for your guidance and inspiration – I am honoured to know you.