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Nikki J Owen is a global thought leader and best-selling author on energy, charisma, compassion, agility and growth mindset. Her work has won numerous speaking awards and her ground-breaking theories are at the frontiers of leadership development. Nikki has devoted decades to researching, testing, evolving and delivering her processes with extraordinary results. She believes that emotional wellbeing sits at the heart of performance excellence. When an individual’s true authentic essence is discovered, they become liberated to lead in a way that inspires and ignites excellence from others.

Nikki is described as an edge-walker, because she pushes the boundaries of those who have become unwittingly trapped in their comfort zone of knowingness. She challenges audiences, large and small to continuously evolve higher levels of awareness. Since giving televised feedback to UK political leaders in 2010, Nikki has a reputation for reading a person’s energy field within seconds, a skill that amazes audiences worldwide. Her approach is powerful, controversial and thought-provoking. Because of her unique delivery style and her ability to tune into the energy of others, she creates an immediate shift in mindset and performance. Her passion and purpose is aligned with leaders wanting to lead more consciousness, satisfying and authentic lives.

Her classic keynote and masterclass ‘The Spirit of Leadership’ has received recognition and high praise from some of the toughest audiences. 

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Specialist Subjects:

  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Excellence
  • Leadership Agility
  • Growth Mindset
  • Wellbeing
  • Energy
  • Compassion
  • Charisma & Presence
"I was blown away by Nikki's energy and inspirational personality."
Niina Turunen​
Global Service &
Competence Manager, Shell
"Profound and life-changing."
Nick Alvarez
Operations Manager, Siemens
"Nikki holds an audience spellbound."
Niri S Patel
BNI India National Director
"In over twelve years she is by far the most outstanding of all speakers."
David Adams
Group Chair, Vistage International