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Services offered 1:1 or Group Duration Format
Conference Keynote


Group – any audience size up to 5000 people. Typically 45 – 60 minutes. Presentation/on-stage demonstrations. Option to give feedback to up to 10 people afterwards.


Group – 6 – 50 leaders. Typically 2.5 – 3 hours. Presentation/demonstrations/4 interactive exercises including dowsing experience. Option to give feedback to up to 10 people afterwards.
Leadership Breakthrough sessions


1:1  2 hours per session – typically 2 sessions required. Delivered either face-to-face, online or a combination of both.
Executive charisma coaching programme (available from 1st April 2019)


1:1 Modular programme delivered over 6 months. Blended programme with online pathway, delivered by accredited charisma coach with results surveys and profiling tools.
Immersion Retreat for Senior Leadership Teams


Group – maximum of 6 – 8 people at top team level. 3 days plus half-day review. Residential top team intensive with post event review.

“When we come into alignment with our true authentic self we access a higher performing, better functioning vibrational frequency. This enables us to experience the best version of who we are even during difficult times and periods of uncertainty. For organisations to grow and flourish with a tough economic climate they need to attract and create extraordinary leaders. But to create extraordinary leadership requires an extraordinary approach – one that stimulates expansion of thinking. My lifelong work into the efficacy of charisma is not for everyone. But for organisations and leaders who are serious about raising their game then my approach will deliver powerful and immediate results in leadership capability.”      Nikki Owen

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