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Month Nine – 12 Month Audio Programme

Month Nine – One Bad Apple. You focused intent effects your physical reality. Based on the work by Japanese Scientist Dr Masaru Emoto, this chapter looks at The Big Apple Experiment and it’s ramifications to creating what you want.
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The Power of the Word – Graham Torrington Interview

  Tune into Nikki’s latest interview on The Late Graham Torrington Show and realise the effect your words can…

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BBC Radio 5 Live Interviews Nikki About Her Big Apple Experiment

In this lighthearted interview, journalists Rachel and Sam (stand in for Nicky Cambell) share their healthy scepticism!

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Jazz FM Business Breakfast – Charismatic to the Core

An extended interview from the Jazz FM Business Breakfast. A version of this was first broadcast on Friday…

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Channeling Audio

FREE Audio transcript of Deceased Leaders event In 2013 Nikki Owen ran an experiment based on Napoleon Hill’s…

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Charisma Meditation

Blending four powerful techniques into the ultimate way to develop charisma by directly programming your unconscious mind. CAUTION…

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IT Leaders – the fastest way to become the hero within your organisation

IT departments have gone through a massive transformation in recent years. Their priority is no longer keeping computer…

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Are you aligned with your soul’s purpose?

When life seems arduous and every day feels heavy with the burden of expectation you are receiving an…

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How to Dowse

Albert Einstein described dowsing rods as the quickest way to access information hidden in the unconscious mind and View Video