Are you drowning your leadership spirit?

Drowning Leadership Spirit

Are you drowning your leadership spirit?

Stress destroys leadership potential. Today’s business leaders are under extreme pressure, operating from a fight or flight mentality. This has a huge impact on their perception of time, their health, their creativity and ultimately on their ability to perform at their best. This erodes team dynamics and makes it even harder to positively impact on the bottom line. The workplace becomes a battleground, an engagement in active combat to suppress, solve or beat a continual stream of incessant problems and challenges. Emphasis is placed on resilience and mental toughness. Stress levels are heightened and in the chaos of everyday operations, leaders and their teams often feel shattered and bewildered. 

And you, you are in the midst of it all. How are you coping with the continual erosion of your health and wellbeing? Is your leadership spirit feeling energised or is it subdued under the deluge of chemical pollutants that your own body has created?

There exists within you, an expansive aspect of YOU that is undiscovered. You are not your thoughts. Your personality is an aspect of you that does not do justice to the magnificent potential that is inherently available. Are you anaesthetised to living in this state of pressure-induced survival conditioned believing that this really is how it is supposed to be? You work hard, you try your best, you make mistakes, you learn, you change, you grow old.  Have you noticed that feeling happy and satisfied has become a highlight rather than the norm?

 Your cellular biology affects your mindset

YOU are a community of 50 trillion cells. Your cells have two operating mechanisms. If they feel threatened because the stress you are feeling has released cortisol, your cells’ receptors close down, creating hibernation and inactivity in each cell. Effectively the cells are ‘in darkness’. We notice this ‘darkness’ in others, and using phrases like ‘dark mood’ and ‘black depression’ to describe it. When you feel calm and enlivened, your body releases serotonin and oxytocin so your cells feel safe to open up and are therefore bathed in light. This cellular response affects your mindset. If your cells are in ‘lock down’, then you’ll struggle to feel positive. The longer you remain in this cellular state of survival, the bigger the impact on your emotional wellbeing. Your perceptions will become obscured by fear, worry, stress or pain. Your cellular response to the emotions that you’re feeling effects the vibrational frequency of your awareness. If you’re feeling stressed then your awareness is attuned to everything that validates that ‘life is stressful’. Your thoughts are magnetic. Every thought you have creates an emotional echo that calls out to other thoughts that share the same emotional echo. In just 14 – 17 seconds, the original thought is joined by another similar thought and so on until you’ve created momentum towards a particular emotional propensity. Feeling stressed builds and attracts more stress, that builds and attracts more stress and so this toxic cycle continues. But as it builds it erodes your leadership spirit, disconnecting you from what’s really important to you in your life. When this happens, there is a tendency to overthink and over analyse because negative emotions are painful. To protect yourself from this inner pain you disconnect from how you are feeling. Without this ability to notice your emotional responses, you lack the best quality of guidance that comes from the highest functioning aspect of YOU. You become unaware of the negative emotions that you’re holding in your body and describe this state of being as ‘feeling stressed’. As a leader, your capability, your performance is eroded by  stores of negative emotions that you’re repressing and suppressing.

Liberation from pain.

The more you liberate yourself from the suffering caused by painful emotions, the easier life becomes because there is no longer a need to protect yourself. Changing what you pay attention to, changes your perception that re-writes your body’s chemistry. Becoming more YOU lifts your spirits, expands your potential and creates moments of utter joy. Others around you can feel it. You’ll find that people become easier to work with. Problems become opportunities for learning and expansion, and so pressure becomes something that you used to feel in the days when you focused on all the reasons why you felt so stressed. 

The Spirit of Leadership. 

As a leader your unique spirit is your authentic and truest essence. It’s the best YOU and holds vast levels of potential to inspire others to feel good about life.  As a leader working in today’s backdrop of fear and uncertainty, your quest and constant vigilance to feel good regardless of what is happening around you or more accurately, outside of you, is a vital skill within your leadership armoury. Focusing on what makes you feel good will illuminate your awareness, transform your thinking and guide you towards your inner extraordinary. Your leadership spirit is more powerful than you can imagine. When you are liberated from the constraints of your current perceptions, negative emotions and rising stress levels, you become the leader you have always aspired to be.