Are you aligned with your soul’s purpose?

When life seems arduous and every day feels heavy with the burden of expectation you are receiving an invitation to engage with your soul. If you live your life in a way that is driven by “I should or I need” then you are experiencing a dissonance between your head, your heart and your soul. When every aspect of you is aligned and collaborating you instantly experience the effortless ease of living life with a sense of flow and inner harmony. When you are prepared to work at depth then you reconnect with your extraordinary potential for bliss, joy and fulfilment.

The little soul had been struggling for what seemed like an eternity. It felt isolated and far from home. Its solitary existence causing its light to dim mainly because of the deluge of constant toxic thoughts. Sometimes even a soul’s cry for help is drowned by the noise of everyday living. Its lack of progress, its inability to be heard caused a slothful slumber that felt heavier with each passing moment.

It recalled a time when its bright, exuberant iridescence felt invincible with love. It chose this home, this body because it was ready to experience a fuller expression of humanity. The adjustment had been difficult – simply sending love which was all the soul had ever known kept hitting the wall that had been built around the heart.

Why has this restricted human existence considered to be a playground for growth and knowledge of all that is?

Why was humanity so transfixed by thought when they possessed an infinite supply of love that could raise their planet to a glorious state of grace?

Yet the little soul had chosen this time, this life, because it had important work to do. It knew that with gentle surrender and faith there would be a chink in the armoured heart. The soul would take this chink as its chance.

The little soul first noticed the silence – seconds at first then gradually expanding into the quietness. It heard the divine energy coursing through the body’s veins causing its light to shine more brightly.

This expansion of light started eroding the fear that had strengthened the heart’s wall and over time, very gently, the love the little soul possessed dissolved the wall and it could commune once more with the heart. To be lifted from the depths of the shadows, the soul and the heart conspired to bring meaning to the life they had grown to love.

It was a blustery day. As the world continued to spin with a haughty grandeur. The individual awakened from the hallucination of ego and touched the centre of their soul. Once touched the soul exploded through every pulsating particle, every neutron, every atom of the body and with it the realisation that their life, their human life was always destined to be extraordinary!

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