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How Nikki can help an individual

You can develop your own charisma with:

  • Activate your Charisma – 12 month audio programme
  • Charisma Perception Tool – with charisma hypno-meditations
  • Charisma Coaching – 121 sessions with Charisma Coach
  • Charisma Retreats – open programmes
  • FREE online tools to enhance your charisma


Courses and Programmes for the Individual

Activate Your Charisma

Activate your Charisma is a 12 month audio programme based on Nikki Owen’s audio book – Charismatic to the Core combined with 24 powerful hypno-meditations designed to develop your charisma, naturally and easily.

Each month  you’ll receive a link that will enable you to download:

  • Nikki Owen reading a chapter from her latest book – Charismatic to the Core
  • Hypno-meditation version 1 designed to reinforce key insights from the chapter
  • Hyno-meditation version 2 is designed to develop charisma and a deep night’s sleep
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Charisma Coaching

A Charisma Coach will enable you to release the barriers that are preventing you from being more aligned with the essence of who you truly are at your core.

  • Three powerful sessions for transformational change
  • Delivered by accredited Charisma Coach
  • Works with the unconscious mind
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Open Programmes

Since Nikki launched her open programmes on charisma at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in 2008 her flagship charisma seminar has been in demand.

Charisma Retreat

Two-day residential event in a luxury venue for  small groups of business leaders who want to benefit from  an intense and life-changing experience.

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Charismatic to the Core

One-day event designed to show you how to re-connect with your core authentic self.  Ideal for anyone looking to improve their impact with others, build inner confidence, increase energy and feel more in flow with life.

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